• "Welcome to our 10th anniversary celebration"
  • "Welcome to our 10th anniversary celebration"

10th Anniversary

Once upon a time, ten years ago, a small universe was born. It came to an author because a horrible wrong was inflicted upon a show, and like many writers, the desire to fix the horrible mistake over took BJ Jones and a plot bunny sprung to life. A tiny thought, really. A small idea. That you can't kill someone if they're already dead.

From this tiny thought, a story was created. And then a couple more. And then a yahoo group. And then the Vampire Clans, and many, so many Vampires. Stories were created, Clans built and torn down and rebuilt again. Major Arcs were plotted. Bob and his Minions arrived and made themselves known. New Authors were added to the growing family of Sylum writers. Characters invaded like the Black Plague and altered Sylum Clan forever, sometimes prompting entire rewrites of Major Arcs and Side Stories. Authors wrote with passion, blood, sweat, and at times, tears.

It hasn't always been easy. But it's been rewarding and very much worth it, if my opinion counts for anything. (This is Gil, in case you haven't figured that out by the tone.) And now here we are, approaching the tenth anniversary of Sylum Clan.

We – Nico Meridius, Timothy Quinn, and the other writers and artists would like to thank you for joining us in our celebration. We have much coming up in the forthcoming year that we think you will enjoy immensely, including the reveal of the updated Clan War and Annihilation. We'll have major stories galore, artwork, videos, fan mixes, and access to the new and improved Sylum Wiki! All events in Sylum in 2015 will revolve around the 10th anniversary, including Advent 2015. Keep your eyes on the blog and this page for further updates.

Lost Son Video

Without further ado, here is our first offering. A brand new video to begin our journey through ten years of Sylum clan.

Clan War Teaser Trailer and Full Trailer

Here are the new trailers for Clan War. The teaser came out earlier this year. The full trailer is available as of July 2015. Happy viewing!

Teaser Trailer

Full Trailer

10th Anniversary Soundtrack

Here is the soundtrack for the 10th Anniversary for Sylum Clan. This soundtrack features a wide variety of artists. Have a listen!

Link to Soundtrack

Link to Full Size Cover
Link to Front Cover
Link to Back Cover

Fan Art

This is all the fan art, minus what you've seen on this page elsewhere, for the 10th Anniversary. We thank Taibhrigh for the wonderful art and taking the time to create it.

Sylum Ruling Council and their Mates
Nico Meridius
Warrick Calhoun
Antonio Crisafi
Timothy Quinn
Horatio Caine
Leroy Jethro Gibbs
10th Anniversary Poster
10th Anniversary Book Jacket

Clan War Arc

Part One | Part Two