To Quote Christian Kane:

Welcome to my house, buckle up tight
Everybody sings and drinks, and laughs and gets high.
It's a country music, a little soul, it's a rock 'n roll rodeo.
We don't tolerate no sittin' around
Everybody's dancin', groovin' and gettin' on down.
So before you come in here with some kind of attitude
You'd better read the manor rules.

Manor Rules

Rule #1: Sylum Clan is the creation of BJ Jones. BJ owns the ideas, the concepts, and the stories. The rest is owned by variety of Producers, Executives, and Studios who have more lawyers on retainer than BJ wants to mess with.

Rule #2: This site isn't officially associated with any of the movies or tv shows listed.

Rule #3: This site is designed by BJ Jones - for entertainment purposes only.

Rule #4: Any and all Sylum Stories can and will have the following: graphic violence, graphic sex (slash & het), torture, character death, abuse (mental, sexual, & physical), incest, rape, non-con, appropriate language for time periods (aka: derogatory terms & names), underage sex, kinks … the list goes on.

Rule #5: There will be no tolerance of flaming, harassing or being a complete idiot to any author on this site.

Rule #6: Site is Password Protected! Please go to Clan Security to obtain password.
By clicking this link and obtaining the password you are acknowledging that you have read Rule #4 and are over the age of consent.

Rule #7: Says don't touch the woman, but they can grab whatever they want to.

If you know the words to unlock the door enter them here.
(this means login with the link)